Arabelle Meirlaen proposes you her "Cuisine Intuitive":

Cooking is not science. It's not bound by rules or laws and everyone has its own style. I bring you a feminine kitchen as a result of my intuition and creativity, led by and in symbiosis with nature. The use of delicious aroma's, flowers and wild plants makes sure that you feel completely in balance. On top of that, the fresh seasonal products keep bringing me back to my childhood.

"My kitchen represents how I see life: beautiful, tasteful, exciting and full with emotions and love."

Life is beautiful! It's our own learning school and it suffices that you let yourself go, discover your own flavors and are willing to be led by me through a world full of taste.

You are welcomed by Pierre Thirifays, who guides you in the most comfortable way through the culinary journey. In an intimate atmosphere that is in contrast with the richness of colors and flavors that you can find on your plate. As an acknowledged oenologist, he will not only guide and advise you personally about ingredients and dishes, but also about the choice of wine to finish your gastronomical experience.